Why Reading is Like Having a Superpower for Young Writers


Dr. Kimberly Swedberg

4/18/20242 min read

Hello, Trailblazers!

Did you know that reading is like having a superpower? When you open a book, you're not just flipping through pages—you're unlocking magical powers that help you become a fantastic writer. Let’s explore why reading is so awesome for anyone who wants to write amazing stories!

1. Embark on Amazing Adventures

Every time you read a book, you go on an adventure. You meet knights and dragons, travel to distant planets, or explore deep jungles—all without leaving your comfy reading nook! These adventures spark your imagination, filling your mind with cool ideas that you can use in your own stories.

2. Meet New Friends

The characters in books can feel like real friends. You learn about their lives, their problems, and how they solve them. This helps you understand people better and gives you great ideas for characters in your own stories. Plus, seeing the world through their eyes can make you a kind and understanding friend to others.

3. Discover Secret Treasures

Books are treasure chests, full of new words and exciting ways to use them. The more you read, the more words you know, and the better you can put them together to make your stories shine. It's like being a word wizard who can cast spells with a flick of a pen!

4. Solve Mysteries

Reading helps you think about puzzles and mysteries, just like a detective. When you read, you might wonder why a character did something or guess what will happen next. These thinking skills are super important when you want to write your own mysteries or come up with surprising twists in your stories.

5. Build Your Writing Muscles

Reading is a workout for your brain! It helps you focus and pay attention, which is super important when you want to write. The more you read, the stronger your writing muscles get, so you can write longer and better stories.

6. Learn from the Masters

Think of your favorite authors as teachers. They show you how to build exciting worlds, create cool characters, and keep a story moving. When you read a lot, you learn different tricks from each author, and you can use them when you write your own stories.

7. Escape to New Worlds

Sometimes, you just need a break from the real world. Books are perfect for that! They can be a safe place where you can explore your feelings and relax. When you come back, you might feel refreshed and full of new ideas to write about.

8. Share Your Adventures

When you read something exciting, you probably want to talk about it with your friends, right? This is a fun way to share what you love and get others excited about reading and writing, too. You might even decide to write a story together!

9. Dream Big

Books show you that anything is possible. Heroes overcome huge challenges, and ordinary kids find out they have extraordinary talents. When you read stories like these, you start to dream big for your own life. You might even write a story that inspires someone else to chase their dreams!

10. Become a Storyteller

All these reading adventures turn you into a fantastic storyteller. You'll have so many ideas and words at your fingertips, and you'll know just how to put them together to make someone laugh, cry, or sit on the edge of their seat. Your stories can take readers on adventures, just like your favorite books do for you.

So, young writers, grab a book and start reading your way to super writer powers today! Who knows what stories you'll dream up? Let's turn those pages and find out! 📘✨