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I’m so excited to welcome you to Kimberly's Trail of Tales, a magical place where stories come alive! 🌟📚

Whether you love to dive into adventures with dragons or explore outer space with astronauts, we've got tons of tales just waiting for you. And that's not all! If you have your own stories brewing in your mind, this is the perfect spot to start sharing them with the world.

So, grab your favorite book, cozy up in your reading nook, and prepare for an adventure. Don't forget to check out our fun activities and challenges that will make you an even better reader and writer!

Can't wait to see what stories you'll fall in love with and the tales you'll tell.

Happy reading and writing!

Dr. Kimberly Swedberg

Head Trailblazer

Kimberly's Trail of Tales

Our mission

At Kimberly's Trail of Tales, we are dedicated to igniting the spark of literacy in children by nurturing a lifelong love for reading and writing. Our mission is to create an engaging and supportive online environment where kids can explore a diverse range of stories and educational resources. We believe that literacy is a fundamental stepping stone to endless opportunities and personal growth. Our commitment is to inspire young minds to embark on their own trail of tales, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and confidence along their journey.

Our vision

Our vision at Kimberly's Trail of Tales is to become a leading online portal that transforms the way children engage with reading and writing. We aspire to empower the next generation of thinkers and leaders by making literacy accessible, enjoyable, and inspiring for all children, regardless of their background. Through a rich tapestry of tales, interactive experiences, and community-driven initiatives, we aim to cultivate a global community where every child can discover the joy of words and harness the power of their own narratives to shape a brighter future.

Get to know Kimberly

Hi Trail Blazers!!

My name is Dr. Kimberly Swedberg, and I created this website called Kimberly's Trail of Tales.

When I was a kid like you, reading was really tough for me. I read slower than other kids, and it was hard for me to remember what I read. Some kids and even teachers weren't very kind about it, which made me very sad. But then, something amazing happened! I found a story about a mouse who had all these cool adventures, and I wanted to go on adventures with him too. With the help of a special reading teacher, things started to get better. Now, I love reading all sorts of books!

I'm also a teacher, writer, and I love doing crafts like making things out of paper, sewing, and painting. Reading and stories are super important to me, and that's why I teach English and help adults learn to read better. I'm also a mom and a wife, and I love sharing stories with everyone.

I hope you get to love reading just as much as I do.

Remember, you can do it! I will be here with you along the way.


Head Trailblazer

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